Nozomi Takizawa
Singer, songwriter, Composer

Originally from Kagoshima-ken, the Tokyo singer and song-writer first began her journey by graduating with a specialization in communications, which then leaned her into the music world.

Truly impressed and moved by the style of that of The Carpenters, she debuted as a singer and lyricist in 2003, debuting in various live houses around Tokyo and continued on to release three original CDs.

Soon after, her unique sound and spunky energy of her music was recognized by one of the widely popular fitness clubs in Japan. She then wrote and recorded different genres of dance theme music that continues to be a huge hit today.

Her unexpected success encouraged her to pursue a career as an artist even more. Though her true turning point to jazz was brought on by the fascination of one if its legendary singers, Diane Reeves, and also well known Japanese Jazz Artist, Geila Zilkha.She then had the rare opportunity to study under Zilkha as her voice coach. Also, she received instruction from the Japanese Piano artists Akiko Nakajima and Takana Miyamoto

Her growing popularity as a live house artist has taken her all the way to perform in Osaka, where she was also named as a finalist in a Niigata Jazz Competition in 2016.

Though her music is soft, and free spirited, her voice has a more raw- smokey essence. Without limiting her sound to a specific genre, her chic and groovy style is what she calls gUrban Pop, Organic Soul Jazz.h

She enjoys writing songs that reach peoples hearts as she tries to find the answers as to who she is as an artist.