Nozomi Takizawa
Singer, songwriter, Composer

Nozomi Takizawa is a song-writer and singer from Tokyo. Her unique spunky energy filled music was recognized by one of Japanfs most popular fitness clubs. She was a finalist in the Japanese Nigata Jazz competition in 2016.

Nozomi released g Nozomih her New York City recorded debut album, on June 27, 2018. Her album was produced by Guitarist Tsutomu Nakai and features pianist Sullivan Fortner (Grammy winner) Bassist Lonnie Plaxico ( Grammy winner), and drummer Dwayne gCookh Broadnax, all of whom are renowned Jazz artists in New York City.

In 2019, She studied a 5-week intense course at Berklee College of Music.

Critics say she is a g one and onlyh and that this collaboration transcends cultural bounds. This past summer, she and her band played in many cities around Japan to celebrate this splendid accomplishment.

While Nozomifs music is soft, her voice has a raw-Smokey sound, reminiscent of Jazz of the 1920fs. She is able to add a contemporary and chic spin to it-adding soul.

Nozomi enjoys writing music that reaches peoplefs hearts as she continues to master her sound.